Bas Aarts

Bas Aarts is Professor of English Linguistics and Director of the Survey of English Usage at UCL. His publications include: Syntactic gradience (2007, OUP), Oxford modern English grammar (2011, OUP), The English verb phrase (edited with J. Close, G. Leech and S. Wallis, 2013, CUP), The Oxford dictionary of English grammar (edited with S. Chalker and E. Weiner, 2nd edition, 2014, OUP), How to teach grammar (with I. Cushing and R. Hudson, 2019, OUP), The Oxford handbook of English grammar (edited with J. Bowie and G. Popova, 2020, OUP), the Handbook of English Linguistics (edited with A. McMahon and L. Hinrichs, 2nd edition, 2021, Wiley) as well as book chapters and articles in journals. He is a founding editor of the journal English Language and Linguistics (CUP).

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